Yesterday, I had a great conversation with a long-time colleague about her new position and the challenges she is facing with presenting justifications and demonstrating value in the new role.

It is interesting to note that there is a ton of conversation in today’s search world about analytics and big data and very little of it translates to information services. Making the leap from gathering analytics from capable technical companies such as Sematext to application of those analytics takes some thought.

The thoughts need to be strategic, aligning the application of analytics to organizational goals is the ultimate goal. Why? Well when all is said and done it is still the bottom dollar that runs things. If you contribute positively to the bottom dollar line, your value is evident.

Making that value evident is the hard part. Identifying what to measure in a corporate library is a difficult task. Libraries serve a diverse clientele within the closed environment of a corporation. Some users get it, others don’t.

It may be as simple as recognizing that contributing to the better, faster corporate customer experience is the path forward.  How you tell the story of the libraries contributions is up to you.  All I know is that it better be real, specific and possibly even scalable. Otherwise, you will be at ground zero forming alliances, building relationships and seeking the opportunity to demonstrate value. Now is not the time to be holding on to the way things were.

Now is the time to create new opportunities for further integration into the corporate infrastructure. Now is the time to be adding value.