Information management, governance and eDiscovery are no longer separate within the enterprise. AIIM has been offering a lot of education about the convergence in recent months and will continue the trend at their conference in March.

A recent article on the AIIM blog, “Moving from Records Management to Information Governance” continue the discussion. This article offers a view from Monica Crocker, Corporate Records Manger at Land O’Lakes, Inc.

She asserts that “there are no records; there is only information.”  The need to tie information governance to organizational strategies seems to finally be getting traction inside corporate halls.

At Land O’Lakes, Crocker is leading the new view and is sharing her wisdom with the crowds.

Some of the specifics included how to connect it to the strategic direction of the organization and how to make sure the program actually makes it easier for people to do their jobs (as I am always saying….it starts with “the work”). And then we discussed the importance of an all-encompassing, big bucket retention schedule as one of the critical tools for implementation.

The time is nigh for information governance, records management and risk mitigation to transform the corporate litigation environment. Data is too big, technology solutions fall short and a need for strategic, high value management is necessary to make the transformation successful.

Constance Ard, December 3, 2012