One of the things I have noticed during the past 8 months or so is that education opportunities abound from a variety of sources.  Personally, the best sourced for continuing education that assist in building my skills and business are from my professional organizations:  AIIP and SLA.

Later this morning I will be attending an AIIP webinar that is targeted to first year independent information professionals.  This afternoon I am attending a free webinar provided MKS and Ravenflow that discusses Content Management.

As I focus my business on content management and strategic information solutions, I find it important to expand my knowledge continually.  If I’m not aware of available solutions, how can I advise my clients on their best options?

Continuing Education also comes in the form of reading.  For the first time in my life, my reading is stretched beyond my comfort zone.  I read more technical info than ever before.  Understanding the nuances of how information solutions work will only assist me as I guide clients to the right source for their content management needs.

I’ve always done a great job of thinking broadly and strategically for information solutions and user needs.  Now I know it is important to stay abreast of the technical nuances as well.  Strategic thinking without technical ability results in time and effort wasted.   Wasted anything is the last thing I want for myself or my clients.

So my education continues. While I long for my own tech support department, I’m lucky to have colleagues who can provide assistance and advise as needed.  These colleagues offer layman’s term explanations for the gritty technical details that are just out of my grasp.

And I find that as the knowledge expands, those gritty details are understood more quickly and sometimes I don’t even have to call my tech support for assistance.  So, maybe I’ll learn enough to network my home and office computers in the next few months or build a network server that can be my data back-up.  If I can’t apply that technical knowledge directly, I will at least have learned the how-to and why behind the process and thus my strategic ability remains intact and ever-expanding.

Constance Ard January 22, 2009