I am happy to share the news that IDC has published another vendor profile in their open source search series. Last week IDC release “Polyspot: Unified Information Access Vendor Offers Flexibilty and Performance.”

According to the Beyond Search write up, “IDC Publishes Vendor Profile”:

The new IDC open source search reports represent an important milestone in coverage of this disruptive sector of information retrieval.

It is exciting to be a part of this work. This is the second report in the series, the first profile on LucidWorks, was released earlier in August.

The research I conducted during the writing of these reports reiterates that traditional enterprise search is shifting. The services provided by open source vendors are robust, flexible and professional.

If you are seeking a full view of the search enterprise market that encompasses both commercial and open source options the Arnold IT team stands ready. According to a statement by Stephen E. Arnold:

IDC has licensed ArnoldIT’s exclusive research about open source search and content processing. In addition to the profiles created for IDC, ArnoldIT offers an open source sector analysis which compares the functionality of open source search technology with that of proprietary search vendors.

The knowledge gained through the research done for these reports coupled with the ongoing tracking of the search market that Mr. Arnold conducts offers a robust view of how to maximize the use of internal data for enterprise knowledge and competitive business edges.

Constance Ard, August 22, 2012

Note: Constance Ard is a member of the Arnold IT team and a contributor to the IDC reports.