’s Corporate Counsel “E-Discovery Billing Codes Near Milestone” gives us a look at a grand new development in the legal industry. Billing codes for a specific litigation process.

In an age of law firms looking at new ways to charge fees and an increased range of eDiscovery work this development could be welcome news to corporations and their supervising corporate counsel. I appreciate the efforts of the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards organization. This work began in 2010 and the milestone being marked included 34 codes in 5 categories.  The categories seem to align well with the EDRM.

There are 34 codes being considered by the e-discovery subcommittee that formed in 2010. The codes are divided into five categories: identification, preservation, collection, review, and project management.

Approval for these new codes could happen as early as July 13, 2011.  This is just one more example of how eDiscovery is influencing and changing the legal marketplace.  More work is to be done and a further alignment with the EDRM is promised.  Answer Maven will be watching this work closely.  We are especially interested in the work that will surround the Information Management leg of the work.

Constance Ard June 30, 2011