I returned to the office quite energized from my speaking engagement with Indiana Library Federation.  In Tuesday’s session, The Value Dilemma: Key Components Used to Express Worth to Leadership, one of the attendees asked a hypothetical question that prompted a good group discussion.

What do you do if you are working with a hostile stakeholder who seems to have an unknown agenda that is pushing you out?

While I answered with a touch of humor, “freshen up your resume.”  In all seriousness that is a valid answer.

Sometimes organizational leaders may be ready to make changes and they may feel the only way to move forward is with a drastic change in staffing.  Individuals will note ways that they are being pushed out. They may see an uptick in the activities surrounding their accountability such as more frequent reports, a change in reporting structure to a higher level, more micro-management from human resources.

Individual leaders may be actively expressing their worth but the demands of the organization’s leaders continue to increase or the target goals keep changing for your department and no matter how hard you try you miss the mark.  This may be because the person in charge has planned a decision and is just working to create the right circumstances to execute the change.

Long ago, a very good boss told me to always keep my resume up-to-date and to stretch my job experience as much as possible.  “You never know when you will need to seek a new position.”  While we wish that our loyalty, excellent work and experience will keep us safe for ever, it may not always result in the security for which we strive.

So while the discussion at the ILF session was a little light hearted there is a certain validity to seeking your next opportunity.

Constance Ard
November 19, 2015