“Reed Smith Brings Relativity In-House for e-Discovery Document Review” reveals a law firm’s forward looking investment into the importance of eDiscovery.

Reed Smith has always been a leader in legal services, especially as related to information management and use practices. Thus their development in 2011 of the Records and eDiscovery Team (RED) is not a surprise. 

Being methodical and getting ahead of the curve in legal services seems to be something Reed has always been good at. Thus their use of Relativity in-house just might be a clue to other firms who wish to jump on the fast moving eDiscovery practices development train.

The justification for their in-house software choice is shared in the article:

“In searching for the right e-discovery software, we found that Relativity maximizes efficiency during document review, ultimately reducing the cost of e-discovery for our clients,” said David Cohen, partner at Reed Smith and head of the RED Team. “We also wanted to bring in-house the same seamless experience that we’ve had with Relativity as a hosted solution, while continuing to customize the tool to our workflows. It’s a great addition for providing a high-quality level of service.”

Relativity may not be the best choice for all firms and there is a myriad of choices available.  Working with an eDiscovery team that understands the technology, the applications and the use of eDiscovery software is a necessity when seeking the right solution. Its unclear what the mix of attorney, information professional (aka librarian) and IT team members were for the testing and final choice at Reed.  Answer Maven suggests that representation from each of these three areas is essential to making the best choice.

Constance Ard, April 10, 2012