The write-up “Can Search Replace the Perfect Secretary?” is a bit older but is still worth some reflection. Critical business decisions are being made without proper time, reflection, or even the correct data in hand.

The write-up provides a reflection on several reports related to the importance of finding information for business decisions. In a report by the Economic Intelligence Unit one very significant reiterated the importance of the need to find the right data in a timely fashion.

Almost half the businesses surveyed for the Economist Intelligence Unit report Game Changer say that the complexity of the environments in which they operate have forced them to extend decision making times over the past five years, with only about a fifth saying that times have fallen. They’re reasonably confident about collecting and analysing data, but much less comfortable when it comes to making decisions based on it.

In short, so much information exists that it hard to trust that the “right” information has been located and thus a decision takes more time. Most knowledge workers can search within the enterprise but it is not efficient searching and it may not be the most accurate.  And while the promise of “keyword” searching is grand, the more valuable investment is that of a knowledgeable information professional.

Constance Ard, February 1, 2012