I read “Print Is Dead! Long Live Print?” and found myself thinking again, that the bold businesses that have long been the brand names in our households were at one time startups. 

cutcaster-photo-100057813-Details-of-beautiful-waterfall As organizations grow and profit, they often move away from that original “startup” mentality and it prevents them from flowing with the current. Publishing companies are being faced with a changing tide that they are not adjusting to.  Soon the waterfall will crash their boats on the rocks of digital media.

Unfortunately, as the article points out Gannet seems to be one of the most resistant to this change.  Newspapers are so well placed to do more and be more in the digital age and yet, they can’t seem to find the right combination.

The article puts succinctly the necessary shift in business thinking to let print survive.

To use a trite metaphor (or two) – stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, grow a pair, and change your businesses. Pivot out of the corner and reclaim your heavyweight title. RUMBLE, Old Man, RUMBL

I think that the author gets it right when discussing the need to think like startups. Today is the day that traditional companies must re-embrace the risk that got them started in the first place. 

Print publishing is about content.  The value comes from the quality, the organization and the ability to be found, discovered and shared. The possibilities are great and the opportunities exist as long as you have the right team and the right focus.

Constance Ard, February 27, 2012

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