I’ve been a bit lax in sharing some of the news and observations I have made in my readings lately due to a busy several weeks. However, I had to pause a moment and comment upon a recent Metropolitan Corporate Counsel article, “How Project Management Adds Value to E-Discovery.”

The push for reduction in legal expenses has been on for quite some time and alternative fee arrangements seem to be the focus of many corporations and their legal counsel.  The reality of expensive eDiscovery processes is another area of concern.

This article looks at a project management approach to eDiscovery. As  the article explains:

Delegating e-discovery responsibilities to a project manager also maximizes the efficiency of litigation and alleviates this headache for the corporate leadership and legal team, allowing executives to focus on the core work of the company. In short, project managers employ unique knowledge, skills, tools and processes in a phased approach, ultimately helping companies achieve their legal goals.

That’s a pretty solid argument for this approach to the problem.  The article goes on to lay out the phases of electronic discovery project management as well as explaining the benefits.

All of that is well and good for a response to a discovery request.  However, good information governance and information management practices internally can reduce risks and costs up front before you even get to the discovery phase. Understanding what information exists and where in the enterprise is a key to providing the right data when necessary.

Constance Ard, May 25, 2012