The 21st Century has seen an explosion in information and the subsequent explosion of electronically stored information (ESI).  And as with all explosions, there comes litigation or the chance for litigation.  So what can be done to reduce risks and exposure?

The EDRM offers a comprehensive context for the eDiscovery process which is the 21st Century version of discovery.  The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were updated to reflect the impact that technology has had on the business litigation.  The Sedona Principles provide guidance and best practices for successful eDiscovery and document production.

In other words, the rules and guidelines and game cheats have been out there but do you have everything in place to deal with your own explosions?  Do you have the right teams: both internal and external?  Do you have the protocols in place that allow your IT people  to manage your business data in all the places it exists? Did you know that your company could be responsible even if the protocols were broken and your company info resides somewhere it shouldn’t for the convenience of an unknowing employee?

Does your tech solution really meet your needs?  Or is it something that was bought without a full understanding of your company’s goals for and use of information?  Do the plug-ins even work?

Those are the questions you, the person responsible for your company’s info, should be able to answer.  And you should be able to go a step further when the fire starts.  Do you know who to place on your 911 list?  Who can help you produce the necessary data in a timely fashion without breaking your bank?

So much to consider when it comes to the Information Explosion.  If you are in the Louisville KY area on March 2nd, you might want to attend this event. It might help you look at your information explosion in a new light with information that fireproofs your company.

Constance Ard