A little late to the news but I’m excited to share that there is a resource collecting the latest information about open source search companies. This PRWeb news release, “Open Source Search News Service Debuts” alerts us to a new service that collects and indexes valuable research for the open source industry.

In looking through the new service, Open Search News, it is obvious that the service is collecting information that hits the big themes of the developing open search industry. Stories discuss a variety of companies who are providing solutions that can be implemented within enterprises and that use cloud technologies to optimize search technology investments.

The stories also seem to highlight the features and functions of the system that really hit upon what we need to efficiently and effectively search big data. Multiple languages, scalability and even information about the developer community that builds these open source solutions are discussed.

This looks to be a useful tool to track the best of what’s happening in the industry.  According to the press release,

The open search news information service provides news and analysis about the dynamic market for open source search. Vendors from IBM to Lucid Imagination are tapping into open source search systems, adding features and functions, and providing a lower cost, higher operating efficiency, findability solution.

Finding information about features, functions, considerations in choosing the system and having vendor data available makes for an easy place to research the options available.

Constance Ard, April 20, 2012

Note: Author is associated with Arnold IT