There has been a bit of discussion about librarians and the role they play in taxonomy and meta data. Some good some bad.  In Taxonomy and Metadata and Findability Influence Traditional Roles a good argument is made as to why librarians are important to these information activities.

The use of content management systems to store data makes metadata and taxonomies important to improved findability.  Information scientists are well suited to creating the organization for these systems.

With so many different systems to find information, it will be important for systems to talk to each other. In terms of taxonomies, information scientists can even get into building ontologies and using these to build relationships between different taxonomies.

It’s good to hear sensible explanations of why librarians are important in today’s information economy. Jeff Carr got it wrong in his discussion of Five Myths about Taxonomy and Sharepoint blog post. Librarians are the right people to build the access indexes in today’s information rich environment.

Constance Ard November 8, 2011