In my effort to make a living while growing Answer Maven I am serving as Marketing Director for a small company based in Louisville.  Yesterday the owners and staff, 4 people including myself, reviewed a strategic marketing plan that I developed this week.

The joy of working for this company is that they have a niche market, they understand their clients and their potential clients.  They know the challenges and have a good answer for those probable objections.

Answer Maven is still working out the best Guerilla Marketing approach.  Referrals are definitely a prime source for business.  This blog is another important component.  Hopefully, one day one of my ramblings will reveal a key piece of information and prompt someone to call me for my expertise.

One thing is certain, knowing your niche and constantly marketing your services is the only way to retain and grow a business.  I contacted many people today via email with an info sheet that gave a quick overview of my services.  I received some great feedback, including those “Mail Delivery Failure” messages.  People move to new positions quickly so maintaining a strong contact database is an essential tool.  How can you communicate with potential clients if you don’t know how to reach them?

The company contact database will be a critical tool in my Marketing Director position as well.  Knowing when and who to contact will be a key to the success of this company’s growth effort.  Luckily organizing and maintaining information is something I’m very good at, after all I’m not just the Answer Maven, I’m an Information Professional.