“Content Curation for Marketing” on the Slaw blog certainly gave me food for thought this morning. (Hat Tip to Nina Platt’s Law Librarian Daily Digest for the alert.) After months of being immersed in research about value and relevancy in today’s knowledge economy I have an affinity for new roles for the information professional.

Today’s information explosion certainly makes it plausible for information professionals to have an expanded role in today’s information rich work environments.

Colman offers a great summary of the session and some lessons learned through her own trial of aggregation tools.  She cautions that:

Content curation, whether used for internal or external purposes, is a very effective way to filter through the enormous amount of information that is being published on a daily basis. It helps you distinguish the signal from the noise.

Content curation is not a new role for information professionals.  Since time eternal the role of finding, organizing and distributing information has been a central function. It is the value gained by the activities that needs to be emphasized in today’s competitive environment. Without understanding the contributions they are making to the overall process and products of their requestor, information professionals are missing opportunities. So know the value of the skills and market that to maintain a competitive edge in today’s knowledge economy.

Constance Ard, January 6, 2012