I just recently finished drafting the text of my upcoming study from the Ark Group, Adding Value to Corporate Libraries and Information Services. I’m excited because I had  great input from various information experts such as Ulla de Stricker, Beth Maser, Connie Crosby, and so many more. (Yes this is a tease.) One of the things I determined as I wrote the book was that not only are information audits critical in corporate libraries but so too are talent audits.

Understanding the talents, interests and abilities of the information professional’s staff affords a world of possible new services, or at the very least, new and better ways to do those core functions that are so important to an organization’s ability to use information effectively.

So I encourage you to create an opportunity to assess the  possibilities that  will benefit your organization and inspire your staff.  Challenges are a great way to boost morale and employee engagement.  And new possibilities delivered by current staff, that is a definitely path to adding value.

Constance Ard, December 13, 2011