It’s been about a week since I posted anything new here on the blog.  That’s not because I’ve been totally lazy, it’s just that I don’t want to rehash library blog stuff, I have nothing worthwhile to add to the wisdom of the economic crisis and I haven’t had time to do much more than catch up on my reading.  I’ve been doing some writing on a few other blogs.  With that work and my desire to write something worth your time has caused a bit of quiet time at Answer Maven.

Last week, while Janice LaChance, CEO of Special Libraries Association was visiting Keeneland (and there is no better place to experience your first horse race, except perhaps somewhere in England or Ireland) we heard about a few iniatives that SLA was working on.  Janice has pushed SLA and its members for several years to speak about our work to C-Level executives. Information professionals should talk about their impact on organizational goals.  Use numbers, speak to the work being done that supports the goals of the organization and be professional and consistent.

A critical part of any organization is the need for strategic planning.  Executives who have IT, HR, CFO’s, CMO’s but not Information Professionals at the table will miss critical pieces of the strategic planning pie.  No individual, in any organization, has a better ability to blend their knowledge of technology, information management, organization needs, capabilities, and potential than a librarian or information professional.

If you want to impact your entire organization positively make sure you have all of the players at the table and let each one inform you about the impact their department has or or could have on the company goals.