So in tonight’s class we discussed the fact that Cloud Applications are a tricky ground.  I was interested to hear that Google is one of the only cloud providers being proactive about eDiscovery for cloud based information.

And while this article talks about the cloud eDiscovery services offered, this one does a better job of discussing the logistics of email security and message discovery services despite the fact that its a press release.  The software powered by Postini is an answer to compliance and security issues in the cloud.

“As threats rise in volume and complexity, and compliance requirements pile up, IT is struggling to find the resources to keep up,” said Scott Petry, director of product management, Google. “Now, Google can take care of this for you.”

Amazon isn’t there in terms of providing data as needed for eDiscovery requests.  I’m not sure this service from Google does all that it should but at least they have begun to think about it.

The problem is bigger and high risk litigants using cloud services should be thinking very carefully about the impact of information management when using these services.  Answer Maven can and does think about the information management implications for enterprises.

Constance Ard March 14, 2011