Social media is booming and companies are hurrying to get on board the social media train.  However, many companies and organizations are not real sure how to use these new forms of communication and are not sure really how to handle to the content created for these outlets.

Does your business have a Facebook page, does it use Twitter to keep their customers updated or does it have a LinkedIn page?  If it does what type of content is being created and sent out for mass consumption? Should any of that content be saved or archived for future reference or could you produce it if needed?

There are several third party products and websites out there that can help out with this. I am not push anyone solution (but examples are the Fire Fox add-on for FB and the Outlook plugin called TwInbox).

This is not to say that your social media content is worthy of saving. However, you may want to look at what is being posted and see if the content does rise to the level of a record and needs to be saved.

Miller Montague