Under the Bush administration librarians found themselves suddenly struggling to access government documents that were readily available in the Clinton administration.  FOIA was a hot topic and wire-tapping was/is a reality upheld by courts with less than proper restrictions in some minds.

According to this blog post if Obama becomes President there will be a CTO.  That’s a great idea but where will the technology lead without a strategic plan for the management of the information all the broadband will provide access to?  Will this broadband benefit those who can’t and don’t already pay for it.

In Kentucky there is a project called ConnectKentucky which is a part of Connected Nation.  Learn more about Connection Nation here.  The technology solutions are already well underway, will a CTO help or hinder the progress already being made.

A bigger question is with the mass of information that is ultimately the “responsibility” of the President is the current structure suitable.  Has there been enough critical thought given to information management and sharing.  I mean after 9/11 we found that the various security agencies responsible for the nation’s protection were not sharing information well.

We know that improvements have occurred.  My curiosity is, with the multitude of agencies that are responsible for safety, health, finance, education and more is the highest office giving enough critical thought to strategic planning for information and content management?  Ideally, the strategy would result in business intelligence applications for information across all agencies that would positively affect regulations and policy to the benefit of the economy and overall health of the country.

Skeptical though I am of behemoth organizations successfully apply strategies to this positive effect, I think the ideal of a CTO is intriguing, just give the new CTO a spouse in office, I suggest a qualified CIO with a strong background in technology and information management.  For this great country technology is not enough, application of technology is required as well.