For those of you who attended last week’s KLA KYSLA Joint Spring Conference and specifically those of you who attended my workshop–Thank you!

I was very pleased that attendees paid me the compliment of saying the workshop was a fast  3 hours.  My diligence and good preparation paid in spades.  We had an interactive workshop that addressed the desires and questions for the attendees.

Translating  business plans to the library world requires a new perspective.  The workshop provided attendees with a glossary that served to translate business concepts such as sales and point-of-sale into the language of librarians.

Beyond the glossary, we discussed how to define the business concept and the importance of the right metrics used with specified milestones. One thing that was emphasized was the need for a marketing plan, something that is sorely lacking in library strategic plans according to my own research.

This workshop truly provided the foundation for attendees to take ideas and translate them into services in their own institutions.  I wish them the best success.