Today has been a productive day from sunup to past sundown.  I’ve been juggling several projects, and am beginning the research and writing for a book to be published in October.  That’s a pretty short deadline but I like being very busy.productivity

It has always been interesting to me, that the more I have to do the more efficient I am.  If I have a day where I have “some” work to do but the deadline isn’t definite, I tend to lose focus and struggle to be productive.

However, you give me a day like today and I soar and do more than even is required.  Now, the dangerous thing about social media is that when I Twitter about my schedule, that’s an opportunity for OpenTeamWorks to contact me and tell me they can manage my work-flow better without even realizing that I’m a solo act.   Rather amusing in my opinion.

However, it does demonstrate something that I’ve been working on with a client, which is that social media is full of information waiting to be harvested and the harvesting is occurring.

Now, I harvest some of that data, but more often, I use social media to spread the word about my services.  For instance, this blog.  A lot of my Twitter posts are related to cool information I find or work I’m doing.  My strategy is to be productive and demonstrate my ability to solve problems for clients.

Simple?  Yes.  Effective?  Remains to be seen.  What I really like about social networking and the 2.0 environment is the authenticity.  It’s easy to find the fake problem solvers and false communities.  When I advise clients about using social media, I remind them that the authenticity is important.

So, I’ve rambled my way to an end to this post without really tying my productive day to authentic social media.  So I guess, I can tell you that during my busiest days, I, like every other workers, will take a moment to get my Facebook fix.  I’m pretty sure this is not an original thought, but it is an authentic one:  Social media makes working as a solo a bit less lonely and a tad more productive because you can still have those inspiring water cooler discussions.

How do you merge social media into your work-flow?  Are you banning it, are you using it too much?  Did you react or did you strategically plan how and when and what to use to sell your widgets in the social media landscape?  If you haven’t thought about that strategy, it’s not too late to start.  The starting question is  “What problem can social media solve for you?”

Constance Ard August 24, 2009