New Year’s Resolutions

January 5, 2009

Usually I shy away from personal discussions on this blog unless I’m thanking people who have helped me be better for my clients.

Today, in the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions I’m writing to you about some business goals.  The plan is to update you on my progress so that I have accountability to a wider audience than my golden retrievers and myself. I rarely set New Year’s Resolutions so accountability will be important for my success.

  • Network More (At least one meeting per month.)
  • Write more freelance articles (3 articles for the year.)

The reason behind these goals is to gain wider exposure. As a new independent information professional I need to expand beyond my comfort zone, meet new people and broaden my marketing approach.

I plan to get more active in local business groups and restart my past activities with the local social media group.

  • Contact old and new business contacts and let them know through direct communication where and what I’m doing. (Complete by the end of February.)

With the economic crunch old and new contacts need to know that they have options for information solutions. Old contacts know my work and new contacts starting their own businesses or ventures will benefit from an experienced professional at crunch time.

  • ·Stay up-to-date on blog reading so that my own blog has good, fresh useful content. (Ongoing)

This goal requires constant vigilance. I must read daily even when I’m traveling and always be ready to write so that when I have time to post you have something that is relevant and useful.

With that goal in mind, if you have ideas about content for this blog, feel free to post a comment. Is there an industry you would like me to review, a company you want to see profiled?

Happy New Year! I’m off to read.

Constance Ard, January 5, 2009


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