Mobile Technology

This post by Sabrina Pacifici at beSpacific refers us to a Nielsen Company study that discusses the increased reliance of the U.S. population on cell phones.  17%  of Americans only use cell phones.  We know how quickly email usage grew, how fast Internet usage has grown and with these types of numbers as a basis and users demanding more flexibility with their mobile devices, it seems inevitable that information delivery and search will be a critical part of mobile technology development.

Right now, I’m trying to decide if I want to upgrade my cell phone to one that offers email access.  I’m intrigued, due to the fact that I am traveling more now but I always balk at the cost of the data plans.  I mean really, if I have a cell phone calling me is an effective method (most of the time) of getting in touch for any critical work.  However, I’m faced with the reality that there are still people who prefer to email than call.  Do I really want to risk losing potential business by not being accessible through mobile technology that allows me to access email?  What if I have one of the 10 second questions that a quick Google search could answer I could do the work, deliver the answer and have another satisfied customer.

I’d be interested in hearing from you about how you use your mobile technology?  Do you browse the web? Do you search for information?  Do you use the email functionality?  Are you satisfied?  What are the shortcomings of mobile technology?

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