The Impact of Advance E-Discovery Software for Young Lawyers is an interesting read that pushes forward the skills and value the junior associates can provide. Moving from review of paper to the management of the electronic process actually taps into a more sophisticated skill set that can set an up and coming attorney apart from the competition.

The article highlights the potential value:

E-discovery is an important tool and area for development, and young attorneys who can effectively navigate the process to find the documents most critical and useful to their cases bring significant value to the litigation process.

I agree that the navigation of the process is important.  One of the major oversights by attorneys seems to be the value they could provide their clients with a bit of high value advice related to information management.

Probably that’s a bit harder for the attorney and paralegals who so efficiently handle the review process and production components.  A great way to add even more value is to create a strategic partnership with those capable of providing the information management skills that avoid or minimize risk in the first place.  That’s where Answer Maven can be a strong tool in the eDiscovery Business arsenal.

Constance Ard April 27, 2011